"Lost In Space" 

The general consensus of fans of Lost in Space the TV series seems to be that if you look at this film in a vacuum, it is an over-budgeted movie with a dark view of the future that has some minor parallels to a similarly named TV show. However, most fans aren't looking at this movie that way - they wanted a film that drew more heavily from the TV series. Not the dragons and space Vikings and papier-mâché caves, but the concept of a family unit that cared for and drew strength from each other, and was able to overcome adversities through their belief in each other.

Marta plays one of two reporters (Angela Cartwright the other) interviewing John Robinson prior to liftoff. It is a brief cameo, one line. Other members of the cast, June Lockhart and Mark Goddard also appear. In fact, Mark has one of the best inside jokes in the film - he's the General that orders Major Don West to fly the Jupiter 2.