Text from the Back cover:
Christopher Mitchum - Marta Kristen - Jim Malinda
A Production of Communication Design
Produced by Marianne Heilig, Morton Heilig
Written and Directed by Morton Heilig
Music by Aminadav Aloni
A Presentation of Cinema Internationale, Inc.
"ONCE,"an entertaining, thought-provoking motion picture, is unquestionably a film of universal appeal. The story sparkles with the virtue of truth so all encompassing that it defies singular definition. One must simple describe "ONCE" as an allegory holding as many levels of meaning as the viewer has facets to his imagination and depth to his emotions.
The three characters are beautifully portrayed by Christopher Mitchum, Marta Kristen and Jim Malinda. The visual images, sensitive gestures and extraordinary interpretations of these artists are all encompassing.
The story unfolds with clarity, beauty and joy, enhanced by the remarkable music score of Aminadav Aloni. All is flawlessly photographed with stunning color and exquisite beauty.
It is difficult for anyone to believe that a motion picture this well constructed and so deftly produced could be done by other than a major motion picture studio. Mr. Richard Shotwell, President of Cineama Internationale, Inc., was amazed by the fact that "ONCE" was created, produced, directed, photographed, and edited by an independent film-maker. Charles Champlin, motion picture authority and reviewer of major films for the Los Angeles Times, says: "ONCE" has been made with much technical competence by Morton Heilig. The Mexican beach is idyllic and photography, including the special effects, entirely professional."

After viewing this outstanding motion picture there will be no doubt in your mind as to the reason it is advertised as:
"'ONCE' - A Movie You'll Want To See Twice"
AMINADAV ALONI, composer, studies at the Haifa Institute of Music, Los Angeles City College, New York University and Julliarf School of Music. As a concert pianist, he received two first prizes in national competitions held by the National Guild of Piano Teachers. He recorded on Liberty and Disney labels. He has commissioned works for the concert stage. His scores for films, TV and stage include "F.T.A." with Jane Fonda, "Hallmark Hall of Fame" with Vittorio Di Sica, "Sholem Aleichem" with Nehemiah Persoff, "They Search for Survival" with Art Linkletter, and many others. Working alone on an electronic synthesizer, he created the brilliant score for "ONCE."