Scarecrow & Mrs. King

Season 4, Episode 14
Original Broadcast: 23 January 1987
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writer: Tom Chehak (teleplay)

Rumors of My Death

A body is discovered in the rubble of a Washington DC parking garage being torn down. The name of agent Lee Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner) is on a government courier briefcase attached to the body. The Agency soon suspects the body to be that of a Treasury Department employee, Luther Spickens, who disappeared 6 years ago. Spickens worked on high security passports, and one of the last he worked on was Lee Stetson's. If Lee’s high clearance passport has been compromised, his job and ability to travel freely are jeopardized. A pre-Star Trek Robin Curtis guest stars as a Senator's wife who might know something.

Marta plays Lena Spickens, the wife of the missing engraver. Now working in a DC gift shop (hence the colonial garb), she identifies her missing husband by matching rings they wore. She had assumed he had left town with his mistress. Now she is a widow. It is a brief appearance but a poignant portrayal (and a key point in the investigation).

The series ocassionally airs on PAX TV.

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