The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Neptune Affair

Rockets are crashing into Russian wheat fields, releasing a spore that is decimating the crop. Evidence implicates the the US, and tensions are mounting. Illya Kuryakin is recalled to deal with the crisis, leaving Napoleon Solo to prevent World War III. With the help of Marta's character, the daughter of a missing scientist, Solo uncovers a group of zealots who believing the only way to save mankind is to start from scratch.
Marta's character lives near the ocean, fights evil beneath the sea, and escapes out to the open sea by boat. The last scene shows her and Robert Vaughan soaking wet (long story - explosions, rockets, ocean, that sort of thing). It would prove not only to be a great episode in the series, but prophetic as well - Marta's next role would be be even more waterlogged - Beach Blanket Bingo!
Photos from an article on Robert Vaughn in TV Star Annual #19 (1965)

Original airdate: December 8, 1964 (NBC)
Season One; Episode 11
Man from UNCLE is currently sporadically on TNT. Check your local cable company for details.


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