Wagon Train
The Wanda Snow Story

The Wagon Train crosses into the Twilight Zone on this trip. On the journey is Hiram Snow and his daughter Wanda. They have been chased from the Appalachian Mountains because Wanda has a gift. Feared by her neighbors and accused of witchcraft, Wanda Snow is actually clairvoyant.

When she warns wagon master Chris Hale of a threat to Cooper Smith on the next day's scouting trip, she gains an ally. And Wanda will need that ally, because she is recognized by another traveler who is firmly convinced she is evil incarnate.
Marta may be most widely known for her work in LIS, but this was her finest work - a starring role in an episode of one television's most popular shows. And like her work in Bang! Your Dead, it is an episode that stands the strength of time with it's message of intolerance, and religious zealotry and the ease in which such hatred can become a tool for evil.

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