Dodge News Magazine
March 1966

Knit'n Purl

Judy Sass, Dodge News Fashion Editor

Knitting has once again become a popular pastime. While watching TV, visiting with friends or simply waiting, more and more women make sure their knitting bag is handy. I can't think of a better way to make use of idle moments than to spend them knitting a bulky sweater to go with your favorite ski pants or a filmy coat to cover that new cocktail dress.

If you don't already know how to knit, you might consider attending a class at one of the local schools. Most adult education curriculums offer classes in knitting, not only for beginners, but for the more accomplished in the art.

Television states modeling knit fashions by Ursula of California include Marta Kristen of "Lost in Space"; ...

With knits continuing to be the latest thing whether traveling or staying at home, you will be seeing more  women than ever consciously or unconsciously saying "knit 1, purl 2."